My Top Ten Baby Buys

I have to say, the upshot of living in a building site when I was expecting Albie meant that I  wasn’t in the slightest bit organised.

I’d bought very little, but nonetheless had done a hell of a lot of research from the comfort of my freezing cold concrete den. I’d also canvassed the opinion of friends – mistake! I mean OBVIOUSLY each different Mum knows best, and you can easily fall into the trap of buying a load of stuff that you have to take a second mortgage out for and don’t actually need.

So here are my top 10 recommendations for things that are actually really useful in those hazy newborn days and for the first 6 months:

  1. Pregnancy pillow

This will be your best friend as you tip-toe towards welcoming your new arrival. Some of them are huge and bend all around your body – great if you’re sleeping alone and don’t get too hot. Others form a short U shape. I found the Mothercare Sleep Plus pillow the most comfortable. It has a 3 part design so you can bend it around your body. It allows you to use your own head pillows and doesn’t take over the entire bed. You can also use it to support the baby when feeding – your shoulders will thank you later.

  1. SnuzPod

Forget the Moses basket, bigger babies grow out of them in a matter of weeks and although they look the part, they’re really quite impractical. Besides, you’ll want that baby so close to you that you can feel it breathing. The Snuzpod attaches to the side of your bed and makes those long night feeds so much easier. There’s a useful storage area underneath and you can buy a handy storage pocket for all your baby essentials.


  1. Sleepyhead Deluxe

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t found this to be money well spent. Put it in your Snuzpod, take it with you to the grandparents house, in fact put it next to you wherever you are. Your baby will love the feeling of being contained and you will love the convenience and extra sleep.


  1. myHummy

White noise doesn’t work for everyone but for us it was a lifesaver and definitely helped to settle the baby, even through the most spectacular of newborn meltdowns. MyHummy emits 5 types of white noise, features a sleep sensor to trigger the noise when the baby is about to wake up and the sound fades out after 60 minutes. It is machine washable and made from certified materials suitable from birth.

  1. Groegg

Not just great for peace of mind, this is also the perfect nightlight. It allows you to see at a glance whether the room temperature is too hot or cold by changing colour from blue (too cold) to red (too hot). When the room temperature is at the optimum 16-20 degrees it omits a soft yellow glow. You can see really quickly whether you need to add or remove a layer of clothing, and rule out at least one of the reasons for night waking!

  1. Microwave steriliser

Save your worktop space for midnight snacks and hide this in your microwave instead. Super easy to use, you don’t need to buy sterilising tablets and you can fit in a couple of bottles, small breast pump parts, dummies and teethers. If you’re planning on bottle feeding and don’t have a dishwasher you may need to invest in a bigger sterilising unit, otherwise, the steam from a dishwasher (top shelf) does exactly the same job.

  1. Infacol

Wind. Seriously – you’ll never be so relieved to hear it and if you have a small or colicky baby this will become your best friend. Even if you don’t and your baby isn’t particularly windy, at some point in those early days trapped wind will steal a few hours of your evening and you’ll want the fastest resolution possible for everyone. Keep some in a cupboard just in case. Oh and you know what they say about breastfed babies not suffering from wind? I’ve never heard such hot air in my life. They do.



  1. Sling

If you want to have free hands at all in those first few weeks, wear your baby. They are happiest when attached to your body, as close as possible to your heartbeat and whilst newborn cuddles are the best – you will want some fresh air, a bite to eat and a trip to the kitchen at some point.


  1. Large muslins

Everyone will buy you muslins. “You can never have enough muslins” they will tell you,  and they are right. But LARGE muslins – now we’re talking. I mean 70cm square or bigger. Brilliant for swaddling (especially if you have an escape artist), great as a light cotton cover over bare legs in the summer when you pop into the shops, really useful as a sun shade, and good for coverage if you’re worried about feeding in public.


  1. Cellular blanket

Accidentally smothering your baby has to be up there as one of the biggest worries for new mums, so you’ll definitely need a cellular blanket. They are a must-have all purpose blanket for swaddling and general use. The Little White Company do the most perfect knitted patchwork baby blanket made of 100% cotton, available in 4 colours. It is the ideal size, washes really well, doesn’t go bobbly or lose it’s shape, is warm (but not too warm) – but most of all, breathable.